Understand Your Risk & Maintain Compliance

Environmental Health and Safety Consulting Services for Public and Private Companies

We help companies-

Maintain Compliance with EPA and OSHA Regulations

With nearly two decades of experience auditing facilities against EPA and OSHA regulations, our team is the ideal partner for companies of all sizes.

Our global network of resources is built on years of working relationships centered on the goal of keeping you compliant.
Our Services

We tailor our services to meet your needs based on your goals and your budget. We strive to solve your specific challenges rather than simply check boxes. Strong communication is at the core of everything we do and we’re comfortable leading tough conversations to determine the ideal path forward.


Our auditors use the latest tools to assess compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We excel at understanding how to balance corporate objectives with everyday facility-level needs.
Unlike other consultants, we excel at helping companies move forward based on their specific
risk tolerance. We can conduct audits in person or virtually depending on your needs and budget.

Permits and Programs

No matter what type of permit you need, we can create and implement the right program to ensure compliance and help you avoid fines or penalties for non-compliance.

Permitting and licensing is a complex process that can take months to complete and detailed record keeping for reporting and renewals is imperative. Our team can ensure you have an organized and compliant program.


Your organization has an obligation to properly train employees. Let us help you build a culture
that emphasizes safety and compliance.

Our trainings will reduce workplace injuries and ensure you comply with regulatory requirements. We can tailor a solution based on your needs, whether that’s in-person training, virtual training or in-house train-the-trainer training.

Outsourced Support

Whether you’re looking to outsource your EHS expertise entirely, or you need to stay compliant
while you’re looking for a new employee, we can support you.

We offer flexible and tailored
solutions that solve specific problems, not simply check boxes.

Outsourcing EHS allows you to
focus on your core business objectives while ensuring that your compliance record remains in good standing.


Customizable Services to meet your need-

Transaction Services

Strategic Transaction Support

Phase I / II Site Assessment (ASTM, AAI

EHS Compliance / Risk Evaluation

Hazardous Materials Survey (asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs.

Liability Quantification / Cost Modeling

Post-Acquisition Integration / Optimization

Pre-Divestiture Planning

Portfolio Management

Helping you assess and control workplace hazards- 

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Assessments

Ventilation Assessments / Controls

Indoor Air Quality

Noise Assessments / Controls

Asbestos, Lead & Mold Assessments,
Management and Abatement

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Certification Support for ISNetworld®, AVETTA®, Veriforce®

Contractor and Supplier Platform Pre-Qualification
Certification Support

Navigate the complexities of this process with confidence. With our support, your company will stand out as a model of compliance and efficiency.

We specialize in developing and implementing comprehensive employee training, crafting robust policies and procedures, and working closely with your team to streamline the approval process. We excel in identifying and correcting previously noted deficiencies, ensuring your business not only meets, but exceeds industry standards.

Streamline your safety procedures – 

Custom LOTO Boards

Understanding that every operation is unique, we tailor our LOTO boards to meet the specific needs of your business. Our made to order solutions not only streamline your safety procedures but also ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

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Develop EHS solutions for your
business needs